1 Hour Coaching Session

1 Hour One-On-One Coaching Session


Product Description

Gain clarity and find your breakthrough

If you’re seeking a targeted 1-on-1 hour-long Skype coaching session that is geared towards your biggest creative struggles then this is for you!

Here are a few topics of discussion you and Scotty can dive into:

  • Building a daily and/or weekly routine to accomplish your goals
  • Tips for finding, listening, creating for, speaking to and growing an audience
  • Crafting a vision and setting up a game plan to work towards it
  • Creating a social media posting strategy and selfishly promoting yourself
  • Overcoming negative self-talk and winning the battle in your mind
  • Tips for crafting and delivering a killer talk for that big speech on the horizon
  • Portfolio feedback and passion project advice

What you get:

  • An mp3 recording so you can playback and refer to anytime you’d like
  • A transparent, zero bullshit discussion to help you gain clarity and find your breakthrough
  • A 100% refund guarantee if you weren’t satisfied with your session

I will follow up with you via email and provide you the following:

  1.  A Google Form link that will need to be filled out leading up to your session
  2. A Calendly link that will let you schedule your date and time


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