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16 Ways Consistent Blogging Can Boost Your Creative Career

16 Ways Consistent Blogging Can Boost Your Creative Career

Consistent Blogging is Like Riding a Bike

Would you believe me if I said starting a blog is like riding your bike for the first time? Consistent blogging like riding your bike eventually becomes second nature over time providing more opportunities to boost your creative career.

16 Ways Consistent Blogging Can Boost Your Creative Career

Your blog is a gateway to a vast amount of opportunities to showcase your message and to make a greater impact

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However, dealing with the pressure of getting started is the hardest part.

I get it, it’s difficult to find the courage to put your thoughts and your voice out into a world who’s quick to scrutinize. That’s why it’s necessary to treat it like your first bike ride.

On that first attempt, you took it slow and started with training wheels to find that balance and confidence. Slowly you adjusted and were ready to ditch the training wheels and take the next step.

When you finally experienced the freedom of a successful ride on your own, you felt on top of the world and ready to take on the next challenge.

With blogging, it took a few months before I could bring myself to start. That first post easily had over 100 revisions before I timidly pressed publish.

However, starting a blog was the most influential career move I’ve made to date and I want to share with you a post I wish I could’ve read to get me started sooner.

So here are 16 reasons why consistent blogging can boost your creative career. I don’t want you to miss out on the opportunities and growth that this will present you.

Benefits of Consistent Blogging

1. Clarify Your Message
Do you ever struggle articulating those deep thoughts burrowed within your head? I know I did until I discovered writing.

Writing is the most powerful tool at your disposable. It will help you bridge the gap between your inner and outer voice while communicating your thoughts more clearly.

2. Your Voice Matters
Before I started, I never thought anyone would care to hear what I have to say. Why would they and what credibility do I have?

At the beginning, many people didn’t notice but that changed as I consistently wrote about things that you and I both struggle with. I’ve learned through the process that your experiences and story matters to those who feel alone in your same situation.

3. Build an Audience
From June 2015 – June 2016, I can humbly say my audience and presence grew the most during this time. I share these numbers with you to show you the power of consistently giving value and being a real human who cares.

While these numbers aren’t staggering, these areas I chose to devote my attention to significantly grew my influence due to blogging and pushing my content through these platforms. I’m playing the long game and realize this year of results will only grow with further consistent blogging.

4. Speaking Opportunities
One of the best opportunities that can happen is when you’re invited to participate in speaking engagements.

It’s easy to succumb to fear and say no, but just know that you are being presented with a privilege to make a larger impact with your voice and message.

Public speaking was the best gift given to me and it only happened because of blogging.

5. Interview Opportunities
As your work begins to take off, you will no doubt be contacted by people who have creative related shows, podcasts, blogs, etc.

People want to share good work with their audiences and by staying consistent, you increase your odds of your work landing in front of someone.

Who knows, you may get the blessing to be on the Design Recharge show with Diane Gibbs!

6. Time Management Skills
By no means is keeping up with a weekly blog easy. There is sacrifice and your time management skills will be tested.

As you develop a process and become more efficient, these skills will manifest and spill over into the rest of your daily life.

7. Position as an Influencer
One of the most important benefits of blogging is that it will slowly position you as a thought leader and authority in your niche field.

Having someone’s attention is powerful and it’s important to use it wisely. Blogging for one year creates a massive backlog that I can reference someone back to or repurpose for more reach which I’ll get to later.

“You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.” –  F. Scott Fitzgerald

8. The Basics of SEO
Knowing SEO is important these days for not only getting discovered but for converting your traffic into consuming your content and following your call to actions.

I’m no SEO wizard but there are a tons of great podcast episodes on it and an awesome WordPress Plugin called Yoast SEO which will help you immensely once you ditch the training wheels.

9. How to Setup and Maintain a Newsletter
Email is not dead. I bet it’s one of the first things you check in the morning right?

Once you’re able to ride the bike on your own, growing your newsletter list allows you to cut through the noise of social media and have direct one-on-one access to your audience.

10. Develop a Disciplined Routine
I believe one of the biggest factors of remaining consistent is by implementing a disciplined routine. It allows things that were once difficult to just become something you naturally do.

These things all became routine to me through blogging:

  • getting up early
  • writing every morning
  • allotting time for proofing
  • allotting time for newsletter
  • allotting time for drawing featured images
  • allotting time for posting across social channels

When you establish a routine, there is no more guessing or winging it. When things are scheduled they get done and you will see growth, I promise you.

16 Ways Consistent Blogging Can Boost Your Creative Career

Blogging allows you reflect on where you used to be and how far you’ve come.

11. Build Momentum for the Next Tasks
As you begin to ride your bike on your own the first time, you gain a massive wave of confidence. You just achieved something you’ve never done before and it prepares you for the next big obstacle.

This is the same with blogging.

It’s a snowball effect—once you start writing consistently and see the value and growth, you’ll start building confidence towards the next thing you want to attempt.

For me, blogging built my self-esteem and developed the hustle muscle necessary to:

  • start an online shop
  • getting in front of the camera
  • start public speaking
  • begin podcasting

I would’ve never had the guts to tackle any of these if I wouldn’t have started blogging.

12. Importance of Planning Ahead
Something that I still struggle with but now see the importance of is planning ahead. When you commit to weekly content, it’s important to have ideas, outlines or posts in the queue. This is my biggest weakness but I realize from experience how things can turn for the worse and your left helpless.

Last October my motherboard crashed on my computer. I had no backup posts in the queue nor did I have anything to write my posts on. It was a stressful time and made it clear that planning ahead is crucial and how to respond to adversity.

13. Reflection During the Present
If you’re like me, it’s really difficult to slow down and appreciate the present when you’re so future focused. However, recently it dawned on me that blogging allows you to be in the moment and reflect on where you used to be and how far you’ve come.

14. The Importance of Relationships
One of the biggest lessons you will learn from blogging is that relationships are everything in this world. That’s right; I said relationships, not connections and viewing each person as a possible sale.

You live in a world where you are constantly being marketed to and people are shoving their products and services down your throat. Through blogging, you appreciate the deep relationships you will make with people that naturally blossom with time.

15. Become a Better Writer
It’s obvious but you will surely become a better writer with consistent blogging.

Not only will you have more clarity on your vision, but you’ll learn content marketing, copywriting, compelling headlines, scanability, and the language which resonates with your audience best.

16. Repurpose Material
Finally, consistent blogging builds that backlog I was talking about earlier. This is a golden opportunity to replay your best hits within a different media format.

That popular blog post you wrote can be transformed into a video, podcast, screen play, vlog, speech or even a book! Your blog is a gateway to a vast amount of opportunities to showcase your message and to make a greater impact.

Boost Your Creative Career Already

Sure, building an audience and growing influence is awesome and heavily sought after, but I truly feel the greatest benefit from blogging is the ability to understand yourself more to the core.

Knowing yourself will help you face any challenge in life and help others do the same along the way.

I’m living proof and see plenty of others experiencing the same life changing success. A year of consistent blogging and being true to yourself will no doubt boost your creative career.

Imagine what your position will look like as well with a year of consistent blogging?

Stop holding back and just get started riding the bike, training wheels are okay and necessary.

Key Takeaways

  • Blogging builds influence through your social channels.
  • By staying consistent, you increase your odds of your work landing in front of someone.
  • Your time-management skills develop and spill into your daily life.
  • When things are scheduled they get done.
  • Blogging allows you reflect on where you used to be and how far you’ve come.
  • Through blogging, you appreciate the deep relationships you will make with people.
  • Blogging allows you to replay your best hits within a different media format.
  • Your blog is a gateway to a vast amount of opportunities to showcase your message and to make a greater impact.

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