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a plan to experience life on your own terms

this guide will show you how to:


Live a life true to yourself,
not off others expectations


Combine your greatest strength
with your greatest passion


Execute with excellence while
challenging your comfort zone

Before downloading the guide, I was in the middle of transitioning to a new and unfamiliar project. I was struggling with taking enough action in my new project. I had control, vision, and a plan, but little action.

The section on taking action helped me realize the fear of the unknown and fear of failure was preventing me from taking the right amount of action. The following excerpt from the guide drove the point home for me:

“Where you are most afraid is where you’ll provide the most powerful value to the world.”

The guide is great for someone at any level. I wasn’t sure it would be for me because I felt good that I had control, vision, and a plan. But, I feel that no matter what level you’re at, there’s a constant need to reevaluate each aspect of your goals as they are always evolving. Each section in the guide has the ability to inspire, equip, and prepare you for the next step in your journey.

Dane Gonzalez
Lettering Artist & Designer

whose life are you living?

Do you ever feel like you’re spending your limited time on Earth making someone else’s dreams come true?

Do you find yourself living off someone else’s script and not doing work that you enjoy?

Believe me, I’ve been there. If you can relate just know that right now is the perfect time to hit the reset button. This is your opportunity to change your perspective and become the person you’ve always envisioned.

Here’s your wake up call to stop living in this world that’s been given to you and create the world you wish to live in.

The 4 Pillars will show you the way.

Pillar 1: Taking Control

When you forfeit your right to choose, someone else will do it for you.

Assume ownership of your life by:

  • Taking Responsibility
  • Challenging the Status Quo
  • Focusing On What You Can Control

Pillar 2: Having a Vision

To get where you want to be, you need to have a vision. This vision lies within your sweet spot—where you’re equally good at what you love to do.

Learn to determine your sweet spot by:

  • Finding Your Greatest Strength
  • Finding Your Greatest Passion
  • Locating and Living in Your Sweet Spot

Pillar 3: Having a Plan

A goal is where you’re going but a plan is how you’ll get there. Stop playing it safe by not identifying your goals and start taking yourself seriously.

Set up your personalized game plan by:

  • Writing Down Your Goals
  • Being More Specific
  • Being Intentional With Your Time

Pillar 4: Taking Action

In order to get what you’ve never had, you must bewilling to do something you’ve never done before.

Understand how to overcome fear by:

  • Determining Your Fear
  • Facing Your Fear
  • Failing Forward

I’ve been designing since 2006, but have since been trying to narrow down my focus and find my niche in the design industry. I knew how important narrowing down my focus was, as Scotty would call it finding your “sweet spot”, but had no clear way of getting there.

This guide really helped me acquire clarity on how to focus on what I can control in life and how to plan my goals. Once I found my sweet spot, everything started coming together. I always knew that clarity and purpose is key to finding your drive and this guide helped me iron that out.

Understanding what you have control of and being intentional in your life is everything. Scotty’s guide will help you construct a clear plan on how to do that.

Darrold J. Pinnock
Logo Artist & Brand Developer

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