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PP 098: Finding Your Style & Building an Audience with Michael Fugoso of Fugstrator

Illustration Design & Hand Lettering Perspective Podcast Art by Michael Fugoso

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Finding Your Style & Building an Audience

I know it can be frustrating at times to see everyone else crush their dream while you struggle to figure out the path you want to take. You could try a million different things and feel like it’s too late—but you could be moments away from discovering that one thing that shifts your entire career and mindset.

One thing I’ve learned: we’re all on our own paths, and our timing is different. It’s not fair to compare yourself to someone else and their story. You have to stay diligent in finding that thing that lights up your soul and brings value to the world.

I want you to know it’s never too late, but when you find the thing, pour everything you have into it. Learn the basics and fundamentals and avoid cutting corners. That’ll set your foundation and serve as a springboard for you to thrive.

Finding Your Style & Building an Audience with Michael Fugoso of Fugstrator

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Long time everyone! This one may feel a little darker than what I usually make… maybe it’s a feeling I’ve been having. The past few weeks I’ve been putting efforts in rebuilding myself professionally and personally. I wanted to come back with a massive illustration that visually represents my efforts as of late! Hope you all like this one… I’m always under construction guys lol. Part of the ‘re-build’ phase is to bring out a new outlet of content and commitment for everyone. I’m happy to announce a new weekly video podcast that I’m super excited about, as well as returning back to the grind with weekly illustrations! Keep an eye on that feed & IGTV! — side note that scientist with the clipboard in this piece is my awesome friend @basspdq — textures from @designcuts – link in bio

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Forging Your Own Path & Mastering the Basics with Michael Fugoso

Queue today’s guest, one of my favorite illustrators in the game right now—Michael Fugoso out of sunny San Diego, and he rips shit under @Fugstrator on the ‘Grams.

This guy has an incredible story of finding his path in art and design later in the game than most. However, once he found that thing that made him feel alive, he went all out and took the illustration world by storm with a unique, skeuomorphic style I can pick out from a sea of noise.

In this episode, Fugs and I inject copious amounts of energy into topics such as:

  • Finding your groove and owning your style
  • Sharing the process and building an audience
  • Skipping the shortcuts and mastering the fundamentals
  • Being a student of life and always experimenting

Let me know what you think. Take a screenshot of the podcast episode you’re listening to and tag me on IG @perspectivepodcast or Twitter and let’s connect.


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