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PP 086: Finding Time to Design, Grind, & Shine with Lisa Quine

Illustration Design & Hand Lettering Perspective Podcast Art by Lisa Quine

Facing Forks in the Road

Let’s start today off with a little bit of tough love. We all have dreams and wish they could manifest as quickly as it takes to put leftover pizza in the microwave, and voilà!, you have the best lunch in all the land.

Unfortunately, we live in this microwave society, and it’s easy lose sight of the long game—and the slow and steady grind that goes with it.

However, within that grind, we learn a lot about ourselves. We find our voice, our style and build relationships and hone our craft. The process allows us to grow on the way to the destination, but hopefully, we never fully arrive and cap our potential.

To pursue your hobby and elevate it from side project to budding creative career takes courage, sacrifice, and risk. It requires late nights and early mornings. It requires saying yes and figuring it out along the way, learning to say no in the midst of it, and pushing your story forward even when it isn’t convenient—especially when it isn’t convenient.

I feel you’ll eventually get to a point in your journey where you’ve busted your ass and are now faced with a fork in the road. Do you take the safe path you’ve always known, or do you take a leap of faith and risk it for the biscuit?

Grind, Rise, and Shine with Lisa Quine


Grind, Rise, and Shine with Lisa Quine

Queue today’s guest, Lisa Quine, one of Cleveland’s rising creative talents. She’s built quite a name for herself over the years, and I often wonder when she sleeps. This chick is a machine and is constantly kicking out new work to carve out a small path of the universe for her own.

She is not only a successful letterer, but she is also a teacher, speaker, product creator, gallery curator, and a go-to muralist in her world.

Lisa knows what it’s like to build that creative career outside a day job. However, this past year, she was faced with that fork in the road and had to make a choice. She’s been risking it for the biscuit as a full-time freelancer ever since tagging up all of Cleveland with her sick murals…legally, of course.

In today’s episode, we chop it up over topics like:

  • The importance of routines and balancing your time
  • Personal development, priorities, and values
  • Finding time to grind and shine
  • Her client process
  • Must haves for being stranded on an island and much more…


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