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PP 084: Be Obsessive About the Essentials with Nick Sambrato of Mama’s Sauce

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Balancing Life with Your Vision with Nick Sambrato of Mama’s Sauce

I’ve learned, over the years, that sometimes being obsessive over something is a good thing. It allows you to have tunnel vision and focus extraordinary effort in one direction.

Obsessiveness with your goal or dream can radically transform your mindset and life—possibly for the better.

On the flip side, being obsessed with too many things can spread you too thin. This can cause you to make minimal progress in a million directions—or worse yet—make you lose sight of what’s really important.

There are priorities and limits in life. You can’t do all the things, and you can’t be everything to everyone. Saying no becomes just as important as saying yes.

You’ll also learn that you can’t control everything in life. Yes, having ambition, a vision, and a mission is needed for your inner compass. Other times, it’s healthy and beneficial to be open to the unknown and swim with the current of the universe.

Planning to Face the Unknown

Queue today’s guest: my brother Nick Sambrato from the behemoth print shop Mama’s Sauce, a top-notch spot color printmaking shop specializing in letterpress, hot foil, and screen printing reigning from Orlando, Florida.

You know I have mad love for my boys Tony Diaz and the Industry Print Shop crew, but you can’t sleep on the work Nick and Mama’s Sauce bring to the table over their 10-year history.

I met Nick and his crew back in 2015 my first year attending Creative South. Nick, Bob Ewing, and Brian French of French Paper welcomed me with open arms; it’s been a budding relationship since.

Not only is Nick obsessive about creating high-quality products, but the entire team is addicted to building relationships and geeking out over the work designers and artists like you print and put out into the world.

So, gather around the table, as I hope you brought your appetite. Today, Nick and I cover a buffet of topics such as:

  • Balancing three obsessions
  • Having a plan yet facing the unknown
  • Staying forever curious
  • Chasing and climbing your Everest

I know you’ll feel full and satisfied after gorging on this episode.


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