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PP 082: Planting Grenades & Throwing Spaghetti at the Wall with Propaganda

Propaganda Lettering, Illustration & Photo Perspective Podcast Art by Perspective-Collective

Reframing the Lens with Propaganda

Sometimes, we get so stuck in our way of thinking because of what’s been force-fed to us. Often we must unlearn what we’ve been taught and reteach ourselves to see things from different perspectives.

Perspective is key. When you reframe the lens you look through, you can better deal with issues in both your creative and daily life.

Simply visualizing yourself in someone else’s shoes can radically change the way you think, speak, and act on a certain subject. When you are able to see a bigger picture at stake, you begin to find ways you can contribute to a greater cause.

That’s what this show is about. I’m no one special, but I feel I have a special privilege and duty to invest a large chunk of my existence into pouring something “good” into this world. I feel called to be a player on a star-studded team that’s going to accomplish something phenomenal in the grand scheme of things. You could be a pivotal role player, too.

Fail and See What Sticks

Queue today’s guest: Jason Petty, a Hip Hop and Spoken Word juggernaut who slays under the alias Propaganda. While I see myself as the role player, like a Derek Fisher or Robert Horry of 2001-2002 Lakers, PropHipHop is a superstar—say like Shaq or my all-time favorite player, Kobe Bryant, in this greater picture.

Before I heard his music, I was captivated by his Keynote talk at the AIGA Thrive Conference in Raleigh, NC, back in late February. The way he commanded the stage, plus the ideas and critical thinking he showered our brains with, left me speechless and inspired. I knew I had to have him on the show to share his perspective with you.

Once I started listening to his music, it only elevated my respect for him as he’s a master at crafting a visual picture with his words.

He’s a down-to-earth dude who can inspire you to get into the boxing ring with the gloves laced up and to start putting more intention behind your work and actions.

Today, Prop and I peel back layers and go deep into topics of:

  • Reframing the lense in which you see the world
  • Throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks
  • Benefiting from failure as an artist
  • Curating cultures and experiences as artists
  • Of course his favorite pizza and so much more

There’s a lot of hype built around this episode and I promise it won’t disappoint.


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