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PP 081: 3 Super Convincing Reasons to Show Your Weird & Wave Your Freak Flag

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Show Your Weird & Banish the Vampire Trend Suckers

A wise philosopher once said,“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” This wise soul was Dr. Seuss.

We live in a society where you are brainwashed to feel like you’re missing out if you aren’t jockin’ the latest trend.

Sorry bruh, but you’re doing it wrong if you don’t have the freshest $120 Supreme t-shirt or the top of the line headphones that break within a month.

This culture can also parallel the creative world you and I operate in. There are waves of trendy work being featured and many of these geniuses are being hired by the big wigs with deep pockets.

Who doesn’t want to catch features and have these businesses make it rain dollar bills on you?

This fear of missing out or being irrelevant causes us to lose sight of who we are at our creative core.

More than ever, I feel it’s crucial to get back in touch with your weird quirks that make you you.

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” – Dr. Seuss

It’s time to stop being a vampire trend sucker.

It’s time to stake your claim on your small unique pixel patch of the internet.

Here are three super convincing reasons to show your weird and wave your freak flag with pride.

1. You Get to Know You

It’s easy to get wrapped up in thinking you have to be a curated robot who creates for validation. Vanity metrics become your oxygen and you can’t breathe if the internet doesn’t like the work you created to please it.

However, when you allow yourself to play, experiment and fuck up, you create a breeding ground for your imagination to surprise you. You’ll learn new techniques, styles and a deeper understanding of you and your process.

Getting to know yourself through your work can be frustrating, especially when you don’t rock that first, second or tenth attempt of what’s in your mind. Over time though it becomes rewarding as you begin finding your voice and unique style.

My strange obsession with pizza, cats and outer space have slowly found their way in my work over the years. I was hesitant at first because it broke “curation.” Oddly enough, these weird quirks have become my highest engaging work and my best sellers in products.

It let people see my true colors and get to know Scotty, the human behind the work.

If a certain song or quote hits you deep, express it by creating some work.

Letter out that stupid pun or dad joke that only you laughed at.

Show your weird obsession for gummy bears or goat cheese in a abstract illustration.

Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to experiment by finding and sharing yourself in your work.

2. You Become the Black Sheep

Sometimes you scroll through your feeds and all you see is the same style of work or composition.

Yet once in a while you stop scrolling and have to pick your job off the floor due to someone’s brilliant and original work.

That person is the black sheep, and you should strive to be that untamed beast.

Being the black sheep has always had a negative connotation to it. You’re essentially the oddball in the family who sticks out for the wrong reasons.

However, in the magical creative realm, I’m learning that living the black sheep life is what helps you stand out and rise above the noise.

Instead of trying to fit it and mimic the waves everyone is riding, why not swim against the current?

A few people that do incredibly unique work that makes me pick my jaw off the floor are:

  • Charlie Elms of @10.Years.Time as he has these intricate and wildly creative hand cut paper collages. Warning, there may be a hint of nudity in some of them but that’s what makes him different.
  • Bryce Wong of @bbbrycewong as he has this mesmerizing wavy glitch style that he applies to everyday relatable characters
  • Meni Chatzipanagiotou of @menis_art as she has a unique way of creating a detailed whimsical black and white illustration that feels right out of an Alice in Wonderland scene

3. You Generate Universal Permission Slips

“Be brave enough to show your weird and OWN YOUR FLAVOR. The weird will be rewarded as you give permission to others to find and show their weird.”

I totally paraphrased this but I believe I heard this from Lauren Hom’s episode on the Creative Pep Talk Podcast with Andy J. Miller.

It’s crazy how often I hear creatives tell me that they are reluctant to share their work at all due to the comparison trap and the fear of being judged.

I know this feeling all too well as it took me till the age of around 20-21 to claim I was an artist and to share my work publicly.

Regardless of your audience size or track record, publicly showcasing your weird can spark a ripple effect. When people see you comfortably sharing something that’s out of the norm, I feel one can absorb some self-confidence through osmosis to do the same.

You never know who’s paying attention to what you’re kicking out and the impact that it could have.

3 Super Convincing Reasons to Show Your Weird & Wave Your Freak Flag

It’s Hard to Grow if You Don’t Show

I get it, it’s hard to shake things up and put yourself out there. However, it’s hard to grow if you don’t show.

We live in a world that tries to convince you that you should should want to be someone else. Hence getting out of your comfort and waving your freak flag is more important than ever.

Remember, nobody is better at being you than you.

Show your weird and be the black sheep.


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