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PP 080: Creativity is an Instrument | Value Your Practice & Craft with Nick Misani

Hand Lettering Illustration Photoshop Mockup Perspective Podcast Art by Nick Misani

The Peaks & Valleys of Nick Misani

How many times have you put yourself in a position to land an opportunity only to be rejected?

That shit hurts doesn’t it?

It not only leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, but it also makes you reluctant to get back on the saddle and try again (I’m not a country fan but always wanted to say that).

That’s the curse of being a creative. You’ll always face adversity and fall on your ass from time to time.

It’s inevitable.

It’s also the beauty of being a creative. It’s an every day challenge and you have the ability to dust yourself off and keep fighting.

This is how breakthroughs manifest.
Creativity is an Instrument | Value Your Practice & Craft with Nick Misani

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Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to work on a project for @TheSexton Irish whiskey, which was awesome because I had already seen their distinctive bottle (oh hay, @strangerandstranger) and had been meaning to taste it! What was great about this particular project is that they were interested in actually sitting down with me and talking about my process, my influences, and my thoughts about the place of historically-inspired work in today’s design landscape (which is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately). They’ve made that conversation into a series of posts/captions that they’re sharing on their IG account, so if you’re curious to take a peek behind the scenes, check out @TheSexton 🥃 #thesexton #sponsored

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I started @fauxsaics because I wanted a meditative, repetitive after-work activity to relax me and allow me to fantasize about traveling. I also wanted to find a way to merge my love for interiors, decorative arts, and typography. I didn’t imagine it would grow as it did and take me where it has. I’m so thrilled and grateful that Fauxsaics has just won awards from both @communicationarts and @howbrand and has gotten me nominated for the @shortyawards (which, I must admit, I had never heard of—but hey, RuPaul is also a nominee, so call me chuffed) I might or might not bug you for a vote later on, since I hate asking for things like this. I’m super grateful for your support, encouragement, but especially your patience! I know the fauxsaics class has taken me WAY longer than originally anticipated, but I’m excited to be making real headway. The script for the whole thing is done, now I’m starting on the filming and editing ❤️ in the meantime, here’s my #artnouveau fauxsaic for #Paris in a different color way!

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Responding to Rejection

Queue today’s guest, Mr. Nick Misani. His one of a kind majestic Fauxsaic masterpieces has allowed him to quickly make a name for himself in the lettering realms.

However, that’s not the only style he excels at as he’s landed juggernaut clients such as Target, PepsiCo, Airbnb, Vanity Fair, etc with his diverse range of skills.

The only thing that matches his incredible work is his inspiring story as he’s dealt with waves of adversity and rejection to get to where he is today.

In today’s episode, we dive deep into the topics of:

  • Finding your own style and voice
  • Marketing yourself and attracting clients
  • Creating a routine that helps you thrive
  • Responding to rejection
  • And obviously so much more…

So buckle your seatbelts, but not too tight though to restrict air circulation. Let’s dive deep into Nick’s story and work.

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This week’s #SummerOfSketching prompt was about quantity, so I decided to do a mashup with #WomenOfLetters to celebrate the huge number of women who have been so inspiring and influential in my life and career—I am so, so grateful to them all ✨👸🏽✨ These are just some of the amazingly talented and hardworking lettering ladies that are killing it every single day and inspiring countless more women (and men) to do the same. I’m not going to tag them here because I don’t want to be spammy, but I encourage you to look them all up for a solid dose of inspiration (beyond the rockstars on this list, there are so many women doing amazing work in illustration, calligraphy, 3D etc!)

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I’m excited to share the drop cap I did for @thesexton! It’s gold, it’s bold, and it’s… floral! So basically everything I like (especially on this very snowy day in NYC ❄️❄️❄️). I’m endlessly inspired by William Morris, so you might be able to see his influence in here! The copy was a collaborative effort between them and me: originally, it was going to be “chase innovation,” but I’ve never really been into the idea of *chasing* innovation. On the other hand, I love the thought of *embracing* it (and not fearing it, which is sometimes my tendency). Respecting tradition is my comfort zone—it comes natural to me—but embracing innovation is something I aspire to do with every project. I’m not always successful, but I like the idea of blending the two whenever possible.

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