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PP 077: The Secret Weapons of Matt Vergotis: Over Presenting & Surgical Practice

The Secret Weapons of Matt Vergotis: Over Presenting & Surgical Practice

Going the Extra Mile to Catch Your Breakthrough with Matt Vergotis

Let’s get real for a second…

We live in a digital age where human zombies are glued to their screens and expect instant stardom after hitting publish.

When overnight success isn’t unlocked, It’s easier to quit and hop on board the next trend that may help them strike gold.

One of the harder lessons I’ve learned in life is that there are no shortcuts—everything takes time. I’m talking countless hours, days, weeks, months and years obsessively hammering away at honing your craft.

Something we have to remind ourselves is that continuing to show up when it’s not convenient and going that extra mile in your work can help you edge closer to catching that looming breakthrough.

The Secret Weapons of Matt Vergotis: Over Presenting & Surgical Practice


Patience, Disconnecting & Chin Wags

This brings me to today’s guest, Matt Vergotis AKA the Verg. Matt is the prime example of being surgical with practice and knowing when to disconnect from the digital world.

When he’s not surfing the Gold Coast and spending time with his family, you can find him crushing Corporate Identities, Branding, Logos, Type Design, Calligraphy and Hand Lettering.

It’s a trip when I listen to Spotify and know that I’m looking at the titles he crafted on some of the most popular playlists, it makes the music I’m listening to that much better.

Matt is a down to earth, super energetic dude but knows how to throw down and get to work.

In today’s episode, we surf around topics such as:

  • Putting in the time and deliberate practice
  • The importance of presentation and going the extra mile
  • Creating for you and future clients, not for Instagram.
  • Having multiple creative outlets
  • Breaking curation and experimenting with different styles

My expectations were shattered with this episode and his transparency on pricing is what I think you’ll sink your teeth into the most.

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