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PP 076: 6 Practical Tips for Growing Your Instagram Lettering Audience

6 Practical Tips for Growing Your Instagram Lettering Audience

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Grow Your Instagram Audience

Hopefully, you know by now that I’m all about experimenting and pushing things to the next level. I realize many people in my audience are focused on lettering as they found me on Instagram. However, I know the majority of my audience wants to learn how to improve their craft and get more eyes on their work.

That’s why today, I’m switching things up with a collaboration blog post / episode with my brother Max at @Lettering_Daily on Instagram. Not only does he curate a successful lettering feature account, but he also loads up his website full of education, inspiration and resources for aspiring or seasoned lettering artists.

He reached out to me in March asking if I wanted to publish a tutorial on his site, but I had a different idea. I’m not one to do tutorials because everything I would basically teach is done by someone else who probably did it better. So I figured why not create an in-depth resource to help lettering artists grow an Instagram audience and potentially land client work as well?

Don’t worry if you’re not a lettering artist, there is so much value in here that no matter what medium or style you create in, this can help you grow an audience and elevate your craft.

Below I’m listing a brief overview of what is covered in the full blog post and podcast episode. I strongly encourage you to read the full 6 Tips for Growing Your Instagram Lettering Audience blog on Lettering-Daily.com. It’s loaded with resources, people to follow, links, images and bonus material.

If you think someone can find value in this episode please give it a share on social media. Your word of mouth is the reason the show keeps growing and you know I love you for it.

Instagram Lettering Tips

The following are the 6 tips I cover in the blog post / episode.

  1. The Art of Using Hashtags
  2. Engage with the Community
  3. Consistency
  4. Proper Presentation
  5. Deliberate Practice
  6. Be Different & Rise Above the Noise

Yes, these tips will this help you develop your craft and grow an audience. More importantly, it’ll help you stand out and land work doing what you love.

If you find value in this episode, please give it a share via Instagram or Twitter and share the love.


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