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PP 075: The Secrets to Making a Killer Passion Project with Lauren Hom

The Secrets to Making a Killer Passion Project with Lauren Hom

Making Shareworthy Work That Lights up Your Soul

Do you struggle creating and promoting work that puts a pep in your step?

Do you want to learn how to create an engaging side project that people can’t resist sharing?

I get it, this shit can be difficult and stressful. It’s easy to overthink and take the path that you THINK people want to see. However, creating to please others is a slippery slope that can suffocate the joy of what it feels like to create work that lights you up and resonates with the right people.

What makes you different and what interests you could lead to a goldmine of work that generates a massive breakthrough in your creative career.

Instead of trying to fit in, why not try to stand out by being you?

Queue today’s guest, Lauren Hom of Hom Sweet Hom. Lauren’s built quite the reputation of combining her lettering, illustration, unique ideas and quirky sense of humor into side projects that takeover the internet and go viral.

It seems she’s cracked the code for creating work worth sharing while having the business chops to market herself and her projects.

With her weekly #HOMwork prompts on Instagram, she helps thousands of people create work that stands out amongst the noise. Not only that but she has a Passion to Paid course which dives deep into helping you create and market a side project that interests you. It’s currently taking place as we speak so sign up for the winter waiting list in the mean time.

The Secrets to Making a Killer Passion Project with Lauren Hom

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They say ‘you are what you eat’ so here’s a stack of GET 🥞SHIT 🥞 DONE 🥞 PANCAKES for you to kick off your week (since we’re all trying to be better, more productive versions of ourselves for the first few weeks of the new year 😉). PS I tagged a few of my favorite accounts that I follow to keep me & my business mindset pepped up! Tap the photo for more details 🙌🏼 PPS. Yes that’s a real pancake. I made it by painstakingly dipping a toothpick into pancake batter and drawing the letters BACKWARDS in a cold pan, then cranking up the heat, cooking them until they were dark brown, and then pouring a cup of batter over the top to seal it all into the finished pancake. It took 500% longer to make than I anticipated but was still 100% enjoyable to make ☺️🍳✨

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Want to boost your creativity, sharpen your lettering skills, and get comfortable sharing your work with me & a community cool creators? 🙌🏼 Join me for #HOMwork, a FREE weekly creative challenge I’m launching next week (sign up for an email every Friday morning with the link in my profile) ✍🏼💌✨ . I’ll be sending out thought-provoking mini creative briefs for you to letter & share on Instagram using the hashtag #HOMwork each week. Oh and did I mention I’ll be completing the exercises alongside you, walking you through my process, and cheering you on along the way! 💕 About a year ago, I started teaching a 10-week online class called Passion to Paid, and one of my lovely students @nickmisani brilliantly pointed out that I should call the homework ‘Homwork’ instead 😂 I was planning on launching the class again this month since the waitlist is piling up, but I’ve decided to wait until March because if I’m being completely honest with myself, the last few months have been so busy…and MAMA NEEDS A LIL BREAK (and that’s 100% okay!)☺️ In the meantime, the least I can do is draw & talk creativity with you all once a week. If you’re looking for accountability, creative growth, and community, I would love to have you join us ✍🏼 Sign up with the link in my profile and make sure to check the HOMwork box to get the first challenge next Friday ✅ P.S. While the challenges will mostly lend themselves to lettering, anyone can join and complete the challenges in the medium of their choosing! ✏️🎨🖌✂️🖍

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A Heaping Serving of Lauren Hom Passion Project Advice

In this episode, Lauren dishes out:

  • The secrets to what makes an interesting side project
  • Practical tips for making time to make shit happen
  • How to create shareable work with the resources you have
  • Her favorite kind of bread, pizza and much more…

Overall, this one will get you jazzed to get out of your comfort zone and dip your toes in a new project that excites your soul.

If you find value in this episode, please give it a share via Instagram or Twitter and share the love.

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👋🏼🎵 Any @bornsmusic fans here? @Adobe is hosting a creative contest with BØRNS for the chance to have your artwork featured in a BØRNS music video and win a trip to LA to meet him ✨🙌🏼😎 As an #AdobePartner, I used Adobe Sketch & Photoshop to create this mystical artwork (👉🏼swipe to see details) inspired by his groovy song #WeDontCare 🔮 Use your talent to create a piece inspired by the song & share your work on Instagram or Twitter by Tuesday, February 6th using the hashtags #makeitborns & #contest. (P.S. If you’re a student, use the hashtags #makeitborns & #studentcontest!)✏️ Check out the newest Story highlighted on my profile for more details 🔍 I’ll be attending the LA event, so get your entries in & I hope to see one of you in March! 🤗🌴🌞

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✨OMG IT'S FINALLY HERE! Round 2 of Passion to Paid is accepting new students for our August class✨ It's basically my entire creative process, marketing strategy, and freelance life packed into ONE online course! 🎉 This 10-week creative boot camp is meant to inspire your best ideas, kickstart your freelance career, and motivate you like never before…and it's led by yours truly 💕✍🏼️ I created this course so that other people can use the same tools, tips, and methods as I did to grow their creative careers 😊 Enrollment is open for the next 7 DAYS ONLY and I won't be running the course again until next year, so if you've ever wanted to learn from me this is the time to do it! 👉🏼See more with the link in my profile☺️

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