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PP 073: You Have a Voice, Don’t Wait Ft. Jamal Collins of Jayworking

You Have a Voice, Don't Wait Ft. Jamal Collins of Jayworking

Jayworking: Reinvent Yourself & Become a Creative Free Thinker

What if I told you, that you had the ability to contribute to something bigger than yourself?

What if I convinced you that you could leave your mark and impact our future?

Someone who is living life to their full potential and helping others reach theirs is Jamal Collins, AKA Jayworking out of Cleveland, OH.

Jamal uses his ambition and curiosity to constantly reinvent himself. He’s evolved to where he now pours his wealth of knowledge of design, entrepreneurship, social media and character building into the youth of Cleveland.

He serves as an educator, mentor, consultant and most importantly a role model to our future generation who often lack encouraging influences around them.

You Have a Voice, Don't Wait Ft. Jamal Collins of Jayworking

This is Bigger Than You

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Not waiting and using your voice to make change happen
  • Finding ways to elevate all disciplines of life and design
  • Being conscious of what you consume
  • Working towards something bigger than yourself

Jamal is the real deal and the things he teaches can inspire you at any stage of your life to become a creative free thinker and make something happen in your life.

I’m stoked to bring you his story as his mission is something I can stand behind.

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