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PP 071: Get Uncomfortable & Hire Yourself with Jen & Amy of Hoodzpah Design

Get Uncomfortable & Hire Yourself with Jen & Amy of Hoodzpah Design

Making Your Own Opportunities with Hoodzpah Design

You and I live in a world where so many people expect a hand out with minimal effort required. Then there are those who believe everyone else is catching a break while they constantly get dealt the short end of the stick.

Sometimes you gotta take the shit in stride and make something happen in your life…sometimes you gotta get uncomfortable and hire yourself.

Today’s guest did just that and have a reputation for being badass humans who make their own opportunities through self-initiated side projects

I’m talking about Amy & Jen Hood of Hoodzpah Design, a branding agency with moxie.

They went from working at a Coupon Clipper to slaying work from some of the biggest names we interact with on the daily like Google, Disney, Facebook, Vox Media, and Target…I’m sure you’ve maybe heard of some of these…?

I was lucky enough to meet them at Circles Conference last September and their big personalities complement their big work.

Perspective Podcast episode 70 artwork created by Durham Brand & Co.

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“It sounds way sexier if there’s an a-ha moment, but really, success is more often a slew of trial and errors while you sift through opportunities.” We got to go on the record with Esther Oh on the @communicationarts Insights series on their website. Getting asked questions about process and origins is always interesting. It forces you to look back, notice how things went right or wrong, and quantify which gut reactions / instincts worked out how. In the blog we go through the beginning days of our agency, and big lessons we’ve learned along the way. If you need an afternoon read, check it out at the link in our profile! Photo by @ryanstephena for @vodafilms #hoodzpah #commarts #communicationarts #designagency #brandingagency #graphicdesign

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An Endless Buffet of Advice Served Hot & Fresh

In today’s episode, they serve up a buffet of advice ranging from:

  • Establishing an online presence and projecting the type of work you want
  • Saying yes and forcing yourself to get uncomfortable
  • Creating several streams of income
  • How to communicate the value of what you do
  • And a shit ton of other gold…

They will be a keynote speaker at Creative South in a few weeks so snag your tickets asap. They also have a new book dropping soon called Freelance, and Business, and Stuff: A Guide for Creatives that will help you elevate your freelance game. You can be the first to get updated on its release by signing up for their Newsletter (signup located at bottom of their homepage).

Listeners of this episode get a whopping 30% of their shop with the Promo Code: PC30. How rad is that?

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