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PP 069: Seeing Progression Through Failure with James Lewis of the Ligature Collective

Seeing Progression Through Failure with James Lewis of the Ligature Collective

Navigating Treacherous Waters

The road to making a name for yourself is seldom smooth and sunny sailings. There are treacherous open waters and plenty of storms one will deal with along the way. While someone you look up to is crushing it by sharing their gift with the world, you have no idea what they overcame to get to this point.

Sometimes you get stuck in a shitty situation and it takes kind people to lift you up and invest in you. From there, you’re hopefully able to see what they saw in you. You eventually learn the importance of self-belief and having a drive that allows you to remove the limits we so often place on ourselves.

We need the adversity to fuel our drive to navigate these open waters. The more you show up and invest in yourself, the more you’ll find value in what you do and how you can provide it to others. This is a huge part of what allows us to thrive as creatives and use our gift to make an impact on people.

Photo from ArtShouldTempt blogpost.

Photo from ArtShouldTempt blogpost.

Seeing Progression Through Failure with James Lewis of the Ligature Collective

The Drive & Passion of James Lewis

This leads me to today’s guest. James Lewis is a hand letterer, logo and type designer, social media influencer, workshop leader, public speaker and all at the age of 22 out of Cardiff, Wales.

He’s amassed a large social audience while managing the popular Ligature Collective Instagram page that’s amassed over ¼ million followers.

James is wise beyond his years but his successful hot start out of university didn’t happen overnight. His incredible story of losing both his parents and being legally homeless at the age of 14 molded James into a driven individual. This drive allows him to combine his passion for creating and surgically finding a need for it in the world.

James has an infectious personality and in the episode, we dive deep into:

  • Using your hardships to fuel your drive
  • How to stand out and present your work
  • Tips for growing an engaged audience
  • Scheduling out time to make shit happen

And that’s just a snippet of everything we cover.

So put on your life jackets and hold on tight James brings a ton of energy to this fast-paced episode.

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You all seem to love the video content I’m putting out so I’m doing my best to keep providing it in new and interesting ways! – – February has been the busiest month of my life with so many awesome projects happening: I’ve been interviewed, photographed, and filmed all whilst creating some great content to be rolled out over the next few weeks! – – This was my first large scale lettering piece of the year, painted here in the office of @white_sky_creative , I’ve already received offers for more projects like this so that’s really exciting! – – – #handlettering #lettering #typography #calligraphy #handdrawntype #goodtype #typegang #illustration #artistsofinstagram #ligaturecollective #artvideo #branding #customlettering #largeart #logo #mural #sketch #workshop #3dlettering

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