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PP 065: Don’t Wait Till You’re Ready, Learn By Doing With Roxy & Phoebe

Don't Wait Till You're Ready, Learn By Doing With Roxy & Phoebe

Pandr Design. Co & Drunk On Lettering

Sometimes there is more going on behind the scenes than you could possibly imagine.

While many people see only see the surface, it’s those putting in the work when no one’s watching that really get ahead in life. My guests today are a shiny example of putting in the hours behind the scenes and it’s paying off.

Hold onto your biscuits as today I have the most bad ass female lettering duo in the game, Roxy Prima and Phoebe Cornog. You know them as Pandr Design Co. where they crush branding, murals, speaking and teaching. They are also the hosts of the popular Drunk on Lettering Podcast where they interview the biggest letterers in the game and show the personalities behind the work all while being drunk.

Genius I know right?

Behind their upbeat and entertaining personalities you see plastered on your social media, these two ladies grind harder than most of the creatives I know. They set massive goals, work their asses off and inject an entertaining and much needed spark into the creative community and industry.

In this episode, we go deep in the weeds of:

  • Saying yes and figuring things out on the fly
  • Ending the starving artist stereotype
  • Working your ass off and making opportunities happen
  • The power of outreach and collaboration
  • What their favorite pizza and drink of choice is

You’re going to be blown away by listening to how much work these girls actually put in and how they achieve results.

Don't Wait Till You're Ready, Learn By Doing With Roxy & Phoebe




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