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PP 061: Saying Yes & Figuring It out on the Fly with BenRealVsWorld of Black with No Cream

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Content tells stories and everyone has a story and has the ability to tell a story. The means are there to learn. Find the best way that YOU can tell a story whatever medium that may be.

If you’re a content creator and this doesn’t set you on fire to make something that matters than what the hell is wrong with you?!

My buddy Ben Hagarty, aka BenRealVsWorld knows a thing or two about creating content. He’s been creating content on Youtube before it was big and now he’s in LA as a content creator for the likes of Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige, EA Sports and Madden Football.

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I could keep that list going but you get the point, he’s the real deal.

Ben is a local legend in my stomping grounds of Cedar Falls, IA. He’s a role model when it comes following your dream and taking a risk when you catch a glimpse of what you’re capable of creating.

From creating music in his parent’s basement to crashing on air mattresses that needed bubble gum to fill holes, the road to where he is today hasn’t been easy. It’s been a slow and steady climb and I guarantee he’d have it no other way.

Saying Yes & Figuring It out on the Fly with BenRealVsworld of Black with No Cream

Black With No Cream Community

He’s the host of the Black With No Cream Podcast which is also a private Facebook Group Community for Content Creators which we cover more in this episode.

He’s an insanely talented individual but most importantly, a humble down to earth dude who doesn’t forget he came from a little town in bum fuck Iowa.

In this episode we talk about:

    • Saying yes and figuring it out on the fly
    • Getting a taste in order to take a leap
    • Bringing value and being consistent
    • Telling stories and creating an experience with content
    • Taking initiative and being willing to do what others won’t



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