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PP 046: Find Comfort in Discomfort & Prepare for Your Opportunities

Find Comfort in Discomfort & Prepare for Your Opportunities

Find Comfort in Discomfort

The other day I was listening to the Joe Rogan podcast and he had Jamie Foxx on as a guest. I’ve always been a fan of Jamie because well…it’s Jamie Foxx. What can’t that dude do?

However, what really blew me away was when he shared how he got into music. He used to throw these huge parties for people like P Diddy which led him to linking up with rising artists like Jay-Z and The Neptunes.

This then led to him building a studio in the back of his house and artists had to perform any time they were new and visiting.

One day some kid with a backpack on came in and killed his session. He then proceeded to tell Jamie he had the perfect song for him to sing on. This surprised Jamie because he never saw himself in that light before.

This kid was Kanye West and the song was Slow Jamz in 2004.

Jamie thought the song was a bust, but 6–8 weeks later it was the #1 song in the country.

Following this song, Jamie blew up in the rap and R&B scene.

He goes on record stating, “When your opportunity comes, if you prepare for it, now you can jump into it and grab it.”

Jamie was unknowingly preparing himself for that opportunity with Kanye by:

  • throwing parties for rappers
  • immersing himself in music
  • building his own studio
  • doing comedy and acting

It’s so simple, prepare for your opportunities, but I feel many opportunities don’t come without getting out of your comfort zone.

Many opportunities don’t come without getting out of your comfort zone.

Do Shit That Scares You

I used to be the type of person who played it safe and refused to get uncomfortable.

I’ve found over the past 3–4 year, doing things that scared the shit out of me usually led to life changing opportunities.

When I got those opportunities, I prepared my ass off so I could deliver.

How Jamie Foxx got into music reminds me how I got into public speaking.

A few years ago I wanted to share ideas and encouragement but I never saw myself as a writer. Yet, I got uncomfortable and started blogging not knowing what would come of it.

About a year into weekly blogging, my good friend Diane Gibbs offered me my first speaking gig because I mentioned on a phone call months earlier that I wanted to try it someday.

To be 100% honest, when she asked me, every bone in my body wanted to tell her no because I was terrified. This wasn’t your typical group of 15–20 people like back in school speech class. This was a Keynote at a conference of about 100–150 people in a state where I’ve never been before.

However, I wanted to be a speaker and that’s exactly what I became.

I prepared my ass off and crushed that opportunity which changed my life. It has since led me to speak at conferences like Creative South, Crop and WMC Fest.

Little did I know that writing and sharing ideas through blogging was leading me to the next stage of my life in speaking. Wild enough this brought me to podcasting.

All of these things that made me uncomfortable radically changed who I was as a person and the creative path I’ve been chasing.

Find Comfort in Discomfort & Prepare for Your Opportunities

Crop Conference talk


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Feeling Alive & Crushing It

Looking back on life, playing it safe never made me worthwhile. I felt invisible instead of feeling alive.

I think this is how a thrill seeker functions, they need to constantly be doing something insane like sky diving to feel alive. Well finding comfort in discomfort lets me feel alive and evolve to the version of Scotty I’m supposed to become..

Getting uncomfortable has opened the flood gates of opportunity for Perspective-Collective, but it’s up to me to be prepared for those moments so I can crush them.

When I get those “Hell Yes” opportunities I mentioned back in Episode 38, I pretend like they will never come again and that this is my one shot.

It’s taught me to never half ass anything and to pour all my soul and energy into nailing that shot.

Even if things don’t turn out the way you expect it, you can be proud that you:

  • put yourself in a position to get this opportunity
  • invested your best effort
Find Comfort in Discomfort & Prepare for Your Opportunities

Creative South talk 2016

I’m Going To vs. I Want To

As you finish out this week, I want to challenge you to try something I learned from writer / influencer Jon Acuff: when you find yourself saying “I want to,” swap it for “I’m going to” instead.

You want to start drawing, blogging, photography or writing but it makes you feel uncomfortable?

Change your thinking to I’m going to start drawing, blogging, photography or writing because it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Your mindset slowly begins to change with a simple swap of words.

Following the discomfort nudges you toward the creative you’re supposed to become.

Challenging your fears present and prepare you for the opportunities that can change your life.

Find comfort in discomfort and prepare for your opportunities.

Key Takeaways

  • Many opportunities don’t come without getting out of your comfort zone.
  • When you get those opportunities, prepare your ass off so you can deliver.
  • Following the discomfort nudges you toward the creative you’re supposed to become.
  • Never half ass anything
  • Challenging your fears present and prepare you for the opportunities that can change your life.


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