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PP 168: Josh Sullivan on How to Build a Successful Creative Business

Perspective Podcast Episode 168 Artwork by Josh Sullivan | Perspective Collective


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Josh Sullivan on How to Build a Successful Creative Business

Whose path are you following right now:

  • The path of someone you highly admire and draw a lot of inspiration from?
  • The path you’ve been blazing on your own terms?

No doubt, success leaves clues…but I’d advise you to steer away from building your creative empire based on the coattails of someone else’s achievements.

You can take inspiration and learn from others all day, but inject your secret sauce and make it unmistakably your own.

That’s why I respect today’s guest so much—he’s a rising juggernaut you should take notice of in the creative realms.

I’m talking about my brother, Josh Sullivan, slaying design dragons out of Springfield, Missouri (Not Illinois)…

He operates under the identities of:

  1. Fried Design Company which specializes in Vice for Brand Identity, Packaging, Illustration, and Apparel
  2. Supper Agency which specializes in premium Brand Strategy, Design & Identity, and Advertising

Not only is Josh a G with his design/illustration skills, but he’s a straight-up nerd with the business side of things too (you know, the things most of us struggle with).

Take notes as we’re about to dive deep on:

  • Being your own client and hiring yourself.
  • Forging your own path.
  • Making marketing easy with brand strategy.
  • Finding your permission to win.
  • Paying your dues, pricing scenarios, pizza, paranormal shit, and more. 

If you’re ready to take the next steps in growing your creative business, this episode was made for you.

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