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PP 165: In-Q on Inquiring Within – Working on Yourself Means Working on Your Art

Perspective Podcast Episode 165 Artwork by Scotty Russell | Perspective Collective

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In-Q on Inquiring Within – Working on Yourself Means Working on Your Art

Have you ever been so passionate about something that no struggle, rock bottom, or gutter can keep you from pursuing it?

That’s when you know you were born to do it. With patience and perseverance, your creative dream will bloom into something bigger than you could’ve ever imagined.

That’s how it played out for today’s special guest Adam Schmalholz, who, under the name In-Q, inspires this floating rock in space.

He’s a national award-winning poet, spoken word juggernaut, storytelling savant, and multi-platinum songwriter for artists like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Mike Posner, and Foster the People.

I could write a Wikipedia bio longer than 3 stacked skyscrapers showcasing his accolades and accomplishments …but it’s bigger than that.

I experienced this dude’s performances twice now. I’ve witnessed the profound impact his stories, poems, and witty humor can make on us who desire to create change.

I wanna see your notes on this one, as In-Q goes deep on:

  • Celebrating your vulnerability
  • Operating from the energy of excitement versus fear
  • Creating for impact over glory
  • How passion chooses you
  • His latest book Inquire Within, meditation, manifestation, and more

Also, I’m giving away a hardcover copy of his latest book that dropped yesterday! Listen to how you can easily win a copy in the outro.

You’ll also get to experience a taste of what In-Q brings to his performances with two dope poems he bakes within this episode.


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