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PP 163: Pt. 1 Getting Creatively Unstuck – Side Hustler’s Coaching Student Special

Perspective Podcast Episode 163 Artwork by Scotty Russell | Perspective Collective

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Side Hustler’s Group 2.0 on Niching Down for a Season and Creating an Instagram Hashtag Strategy

I have another Side Hustler’s Program Student Spotlight Special in store for you today that’s coming atcha in 2 parts.

First off, what is the Side Hustler’s Coaching Program?

This is a 3-month Group Coaching Mastermind between a select handful of applications all across the world. This is a premium program that requires a significant investment of your time, energy, and yes, money…but you get back what you put in and more!

It came to life last October through December, and I relaunched it a second time this year running from January 20th–April 12th.

We come together, become a tight-knit family, and focus on the core pillars of the program: Clarity, Community, and Accountability.

The 2 main goals of the program are:

  1. To create a passion project that you kick out at least once a week to build up a body of work you can leverage moving forward.
  2. To master the building blocks of overcoming mental hurdles, managing your time, promoting yourself and your work strategically, and so much more. These principles will carry you to creative career success far after the program and your passion project is completed.

There’s a lot that goes into this program.

There’s the War Room, which is our daily hub to keep each other accountable.

Every first and third Thursday are group Accountability Calls.

Every second and fourth Thursday we have Hot Seat Calls.

This is where everyone gets a turn to share their biggest breakthrough or struggle during this phase while the rest of the family listens and takes notes. 

Every month we bring on a guest expert call for a personalized presentation. Guests Experts so far have been Lauren Hom, Tom Ross, Elizabeth Gray, Maggie of Little Patterns, Ian Barnard, and Molly Jacques (I know…dope, right?)

There’s also once-a-month Office Hour Group Discussion chats (the most recent we did a serious deep dive into Hashtag strategies).

Outside of the course material and doing the work, I try to give little extra exposure bonus perks by sharing one of our Hot Seat calls and turning it into a podcast episode.

That’s what this two-part series is all about. There’s no fancy mics or planned agendas.

It’s just 12 hungry creatives (minus Paul Douglas, Russell Wyatt, and Nathaniel Ong who couldn’t make the call) making time to meet outside of jobs and families to grow and work together toward unlocking their creative breakthrough.

More specifically, we are going to go deep and cover pressing topics like:

  • Overcoming comparison
  • Tapping into your core identity buckets
  • Niching down during a season
  • Instagram tips on cohesiveness and hashtags
  • The power of being around like-minded people and so much more

If you’re feeling stuck and isolated trying to figure out your own next steps to take, I know you’re going to find a ton of valuable takeaways tucked in this one.

If you feel like this is something you want you to be a part of, sign up for the coaching A-List Waitlist at SideHustlersCoaching.com to be notified of the Fall 2020 third installment.


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