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PP 155: Lincoln Design Co. on Hiring Yourself & Leveraging Your Side Hustle

Perspective Podcast Episode 155 Artwork by Lincoln Design Co| Perspective Collective

Side Hustler's War Chest Illustration & Lettering


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Lincoln Design Co. on Hiring Yourself & Leveraging Your Side Hustle

Which type of person are you?

  1. The type of person who just shows up at your day job to get the work done so you can clock out, go home, and binge some Netflix or watch hours of cat videos/people falling down?
  2. The type of person who can’t turn off the love for creating so you work on things you love outside of work (aka side hustle) and leverage those skills for both day job and personal work?

Because you’re listening to this podcast, it’s safe for me to assume you’re the second type of individual or are striving to become this person.

I never was truly person #1, as I always craved to do something more outside of my previous day jobs…but I never took myself seriously until I was like 26 and a year into Perspective-Collective.

However, designing, drawing, and just creating in general has been flowing through my veins my entire life.

Person #2 is the type of person who can’t shut it off. You see good as well as bad design/art all around you 24/7.

You’re the type of person who is drawing something in your mind as you try to sleep and then you can’t wait to wake up to bring it to life.

You keep a notepad by your bed to collect those killer reoccurring thoughts, or you have a water proof note pad in your shower because those are where the best ideas come from.

You’re the kind of person who doesn’t eat at a restaurant because the logo is horrible.

You won’t watch a DVD strictly because the font choice is whack.

You point out poor kerning to your significant other even though they could care less.

Or you get out your phone to capture that dope neon sign, fading mural, or sick badge on a man hole cover.

You live for this shit, and that’s how you know that you’re made to be a creative. Now it’s time to put in the work.

Today’s episode features a squad of goons who can’t turn off the creative switch and were clearly cut from a different cloth. The work they do and the rapid pace they do it isn’t normal for creatives like you and me.

I’m talking about my homies over at Lincoln Design Co out of the great Pacific Northwest.

Their chief of command, Dan Janssen, has assembled a cast of 5 insanely talented creatives as they slay work for the brand giants of the world like: Mattel, Hasbro, Disney, DreamWorks, Nike, Nickelodeon, Google, Hot Wheels….you get the point…but they’re not too proud to crush it for a local mom and pop shop or for creatives like you and me who need that next level personalized touch.

I linked up with Lincoln early on when they started making big waves in the creative community, and I’m honored to bring them back on for round 2 today to catch you up with the insane growth and power moves they’ve made since 2017.

We have a unique one as we got a chance to record during their 2019 end of year retreat. Each member of the crew was in the middle of working, but we managed to get a little screen time for each of them!

I want to see your notes on this one as Dan and company go deep on:

  • The power of leveraging your side hustle
  • Being a swiss army knife vs. a one trick pony
  • The magic of personal branding and hiring yourself
  • Making sacrifices to become great at what you do
  • Logos, Merch, Creating Fonts, their day-to-day process, pizza, and more!

It’s easy to fall victim to comparison when you see dope work on the daily from these dudes, but use this episode as a heavy dose of creative fuel to be the best version of yourself in 2020 and take your work to the next level in this new decade.


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