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PP 153: Lisa Congdon on Standing Out, Imposter Syndrome, & Your Artistic Voice

Perspective Podcast Episode 153 Artwork by Lisa Congdon | Perspective Collective

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Lisa Congdon on Standing Out, Imposter Syndrome, & Your Artistic Voice

As creatives, why do we make things so hard on ourselves?

Why do we stand in our own way and block ourselves from chasing what we really want?

It’s like we’ve been given the keys to the Ferrari, but we talk ourselves out of turning on the ignition and pressing the gas to go (I realize new Ferraris most likely have a push to start button, but let’s pretend anyway.)

We are the Ferrari, and the key is something we all have deep inside of us. We already possess the tool within us, which we’ll talk about today, we need to thrive. Yet, we let inner and external forces influence us to play it safe and live a “comfortable life,” even though there’s another muffled inner voice that yearns to do more.

Let’s unmuffle and empower that voice…our artistic voice, that is.

My new friend today is someone who was a late bloomer to the game but has used that as her advantage.

I’m talking about the profound illustrator, author, and speaker, Lisa Congdon. She whips up whimsical and vibrant art for top tier brands like Crate and Barrel, Facebook, Sonos, Lululemon, and more from her stomping grounds of Portland, OR.

Sure, she wins awards and crushes work for big-time names, but the two things I admire the most are:

  1.  how she speaks on topics that are aligned to her values and belief systems
  2. how she shows up for the creative community and empowers people like you and me to tap into our potential.

Relax and take notes as Lisa is going to unload some serious knowledge on you like:

  • How your age and past experiences are your superpowers, not detriments
  • Tactics for overcoming imposter syndrome
  • The magic of pursuing your interests
  • Keys for standing out
  • Finding your artistic voice, consistency, UFOs, pizza, and more

Today’s episode is a permission slip to stop playing it small with your creative pursuits and uncomfortably step into your next version of creative genius.

Oh ya! Stick around in the outro to find out how you can win a copy of Lisa’s latest book: Finding Your Artistic Voice.

P.S. It’s a good one.

Please share this one with your friends and family if you found value in it.

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