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PP 150: Chris Do on Making Money Doing What You Love & Not Selling Your Soul

Chris Do on Making Money Doing What You Love & Not Selling Your Soul



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Steering Your Ship with Clarity & Confidence

I’m hella proud to say that we’ve made it to Episode 150.

There seems to be a massive shift every 50 episodes in the message and direction in which I’m steering this ship.

The more I continue to niche down and follow the direction of my internal compass, the more clarity and confidence I continue to find

The more clarity and confidence I find, the more I’m able to enjoy this wave that I’m making and riding.

As we approach the end of what’s been the craziest year of my life and embrace what I’m sure will be an even crazier 2020, we’re entering into a new and exciting season of the podcast.

The topics will get deeper. More resources will be created. The community will get tighter, and more targeted value will be served to your front door like a piping hot pizza from your favorite local joint.

It’s up to you to consume and take massive action to get the results you want.

Episode 150 with Chris Do of The Futur

Today’s episode is a big one and will set the tone for the rest of your year, and potentially your life, if you want to get dramatic about it.

We’re fortunate to have Chris Do on the show today. When I mentioned I was recording with him, my DMs on Instagram lit up like a Christmas Tree, so I know you’re just as hyped for this one as I am.

Chris’s mission is to empower creatives to make money doing what we love without selling our souls through his educational platform called The Futur. You’ll find a goldmine of business, design, and inspirational resources to help you thrive on your creative grind (he’ll tell you more about this and where you can get more info on your own, after this episode of course).

The content he and his team have dished out has amassed a global, loyal, and engaged tribe of over 600k on YouTube, 140k on The Futur’s IG, almost 200k on his personal IG, and 100k on Facebook.

Do a few hand exercises to loosen up so you can rack up your notes because we diving deep on topics like:

  • Setting BHAGS: Big Hairy Audacious Goals
  • Becoming the type of person who runs toward change instead of away
  • Embracing failure as the tuition you pay for success
  • Becoming known and remembered for something
  • Creating for a bigger cause, being a disruptor, producing and polishing turds, and more.

This episode is so much bigger than design, branding, increasing your rates, etc.

This one is the epitome of why it’s called the Perspective Podcast because Chris is going to:

  1. challenge the lens through which you see the world
  2. inject a TON of practical action steps to get you ten steps closer to where you want to be in life.

Please share this one with your friends and family if you found value in it.

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