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PP 149: 3 Tactics for Winning the War in Your Head to Get Out of Your Own Way

Perspective Podcast Episode 149 Artwork by Scotty Russell | Perspective Collective

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Winning the War in Your Head

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving here in the States, I wanted to take a second to just say thank you for giving the show a chance and sticking with me as the show evolves.

There’s a lot of creativity-based podcasts, resources, and content out there…I know my style and approach aren’t for everyone, and that’s totally okay! Just know it means the world to me that you vibe out and tune in to what I’m building out of my little home studio.

I try to create fuel for you when, in reality, you are the fuel that drives me to keep showing up and pouring my soul into this—especially during the craziest season of my life, which I’ll touch on later in this minisode.

So thank you, from the bottom of my pizza-loving heart. Thank you for giving me a chance and growing with me as I try to blaze my own little trail on this earth’s surface and tap into my unique purpose.

With that being said, today’s episode is a shorter one that I know will hit home if you deal with the same inner critic and negative self-talk like I do.

In order to win the war that wages daily between your ears and design the life you want to live, my goal for this episode  is to get you to:

  • think bigger
  • believe in your abilities
  • change the way you think and speak to yourself

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