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PP 148: Side Hustler’s Coaching Program Hot Seat Student Spotlight Special

Perspective Podcast Episode 148 Artwork by Scotty Russell | Perspective Collective

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Football Coach to Creative Coach

This one is special today, and it’s the longest episode I’ve ever published but for a good reason.

If you’ve followed my story, you know I have a background in coaching football.

I reluctantly started my coaching journey in college after playing two years and then blowing out my back twice at Wartburg College in Cedar Falls, IA. Even though I was bitter, I stayed on the team and became a student coach so I could be a part of something bigger than myself.

Once I graduated, I volunteered for three years coaching Varsity Wide Receivers at my Alma Mater West High in Waterloo, IA.

From there, I was a personal trainer for about two years at a local Snap Fitness.

Behind the scenes, I was always doing some type of side hustle, like creating t-shirts, logos, and tattoo designs…but nothing ever seemed to stick.

The coaching side wasn’t paying the bills, and the art side wasn’t gaining any traction and was more depressing than anything.

It felt impossible to connect coaching with creativity, but that’s what I attempted to do with my Instagram in 2014 and then my blog in June 2015.

All of it paved the path to becoming a Creative Coach early this year and starting up the Side Hustler’s Coaching Program this past September.

The Power of Accountability & Community

In this program, I selected 10 creatives out of an application pool to go deep on a passion project for three months. They’re going to create a body of work they can, not only be proud of, but can leverage moving forward.

People on the outside of this Group Accountability Mastermind setting only see them evolving their craft and skills.

This program is more than that—it’s a breeding ground for cultivating relationships, building confidence, overcoming comparison, mastering time management, developing strategies, routines, and more.

There’s the War Room, which is our daily hub to keep each other accountable.

Every first and third Thursday are group Accountability Calls.

Every second and fourth Thursday we have Hot Seat Calls. This is where everyone gets a turn to share their biggest breakthrough or struggle for that week while the rest of the family listens and takes notes.

Today’s episode is a recorded hot seat call.

There’s no fancy mics and no planned agenda.

Just 9 vulnerable and hungry creatives (minus the homie Andrew Pethoud on this one) making time to meet outside of jobs and families to grow and work together toward taking the next step on their creative grinds.

If you’re feeling stuck and isolated trying to figure out your own next steps to take, I know you’re going to find a ton of valuable takeaways tucked in this one.

If you feel like this is something you want you to be a part of, sign up for the coaching A-List Waitlist for updates as Round 2 of the Side Hustler’s Coaching Program starts Jan 13–April 5th.

Need Some Extra Help? Check out The Side Hustler’s Coaching Program

If you want that extra level of clarity, community, and accountability develop a process that helps you win with your work, sign up for the Side Hustler’s Coaching Program A-List waitlist now for January’s relaunch.

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