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PP 147: Tinlun Studio on Leveraging Failure & Passion Projects to Thrive & Survive

Tinlun Studio on Leveraging Failure & Passion Projects to Thrive & Survive

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Tinlun Studio on Leveraging Failure & Passion Projects to Thrive & Survive

So many people love pizza but hate the crust. I’m here to tell ya you gotta learn to love the crust.

The first few bites of a slice of pizza are when you’re high on life and things seem to be working in your favor. The crust is the low moments of adversity and failure.

You can’t have pizza without the crust, and you can’t appreciate the highs without the lows.

The crusty times test our character and mold us into the next version of ourselves. It’s up to us on how we respond, so we can evolve into the version of who we want to be.

Someone who’s dealt with waves of crust and always comes back bigger and better than ever is my homie Terence Tang of Tinlun Studio, aka The Tenacious Turnip aka Tinman the Terrific.

Terence and I go back a for a few years now, and I’ve seen his lowest moments set him up for something great each time he responds with a positive attitude.

He’s one of the best humans I know, and his story is sure to inspire you to love and use your crust as part of your story to inspire others as well.

Terence is a full-time freelance lettering muralist making moves out of Houston, TX, and empowers humans to be a little bit nicer through his Human Kind initiative.

He’s also a low key wizard in calligraphy and photography and has a sneaker collection that is certainly bigger than the Kardashian sisterhood’s shoe collection combined.

In today’s episode, Terence and I go deep on:

  • Using failure to fuel your next moves
  • Leveraging passion projects to attract future work
  • Showing yourself in your work by picking buckets for your brand
  • Creating your own merch
  • Steering parked cars, taking action, NBA logos, beards, and more

If you feel lost, stuck, and caught up in your own crust, this episode will push you to take some serious action.


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