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PP 146: Steve & Danielle Wolf with Tips on Design, Freelancing, & Productivity

Steve & Danielle Wolf with Tips on Design, Freelancing, & Productivity

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Steve & Danielle Wolf with Tips on Design, Freelancing, & Productivity

Do you show up each day winging it and doing what feels good, or do you have a plan of attack and a system you thrive in?

Sure, some people can just show up and figure it out, but what if there’s room to optimize your workflow while still acting in the muse?

It tends to be a little bit easier for people who do their things full time, as there’s a little more margin and room for flexibility.

If you’re like me and you hold down a day job, your time is already scarce…so winging it each day is most likely not going to yield the type of results you’re wanting.

Having a plan, scheduling your success, and optimizing your productivity is key…plus you gotta leave a little margin in there for play to stay sane.

My friend Steve Wolf and his wife Danielle are people who have a plan and have been consistently crushing it. They are the brains behind Steve Wolf Designs, a design and branding studio in Austin, Texas. They crush work for brands like Target, Lennox Air, Butler Bros, Adobe, TypeHike, and everything in between.

While Steve thrives in the creativity department crushing design, logos, branding, custom type, etc., I feel every creative needs the Danielle counterpart—she is an organization guru who runs marketing, process development, and project management (basically all the stuff creatives like I do suck at). Productivity is her jam, and she’s also a coach who she helps busy women find their unique balance and create more joy in their life.

Strap in and take some notes and we cover a ton of topics like:

  • Tips on what to do and NOT TO DO as a freelancer
  • Productivity hacks 
  • Scheduling your success
  • Exploring new creative outlets, finding your fuel, their favorite pizza, and more.

If you’re a side hustler or freelancer who’s ready to step your game up, then this episode was crafted for you.


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