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PP 145: Molly Jacques on Freelancing, Passive Income, & Marketing for Creatives

Perspective Podcast Episode 145 Artwork by Molly Jacques | Perspective Collective

Side Hustler's War Chest Illustration & Lettering


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Molly Jacques on Freelancing, Passive Income, & Marketing for Creatives

Where are you right now? Not your physical location, but the current state of your side hustle during this season?…and by season, I don’t mean fall (if you’re in the U.S.).

Just like books have chapters, our lives have seasons.

I’m currently in a season where I’m making a huge transition in my business. I’m fully embracing myself as the side hustle guy and going all-in on the podcast, the coaching program, and assets/resources to help people like you take the next steps.

It’s where I’m supposed to be right now and where my energy’s supposed to be focused.

Unfortunately, there’s not much time to play and responding back to every person every minute every day falls down the list of priorities during this shift.

I have to give myself permission to not do all the things all the time like I used to with freelance, selling merch, etc. It is what it is, but then again, it’s only for this season.

Maybe the season you’re in is all about exploring and finding your style.

Maybe you’re in a season where you have to pump the brakes to attend to life’s bigger demands.

Whatever season you’re in, be in that season and show up as your true self. Be hella grateful that you even have the opportunity to exist and be able to do what you do. It’s a gift to breathe, think, and act—don’t take it for granted.

Seasons change, and so will you. Make the most of the season you’re in.

With that being said, someone who makes the most of each day in each season she’s in is my new bestie Molly Jacques.

I’ve been a fanboy of her gorgeous illustrative lettering work which has landed her clients like Target, Nike, The New York Times, and Disney (to name a few)….no big deal, right?

I’ve also been an admirer/stalker on how she handles her business as a creative cheerleader and educator for our community (especially her email marketing expertise).

She’s a beast at producing educational content, courses, and resources to help creatives scale our side hustles and make more money! HOT DAMN!

Tune in and take notes as we hit a ton of topics like:

  • Staying curious and making time to play
  • Putting on your business cap and taking your side hustle more seriously
  • Creating your own luck by not feeling entitled
  • Her resources for marketing, freelancing, pricing, and making a passive income
  • Fairy dust, her favorite pizza, productivity, and more.

If you need a little spark to start taking yourself and your side hustle more seriously, this episode was made specifically for you.


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