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PP 139: Josh Horton on Creative Works & the Power of Community

Josh Horton on Creative Works & the Power of Community

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Josh Horton on Creative Works & the Power of Community

I want to start this one off with a quote from Jim Rhone:

“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”


Trying to make it big by doing it on your own is hard. It’s easy to burn out and feel like you don’t have anyone in your corner during hard times.

I tried doing it solo and shouldering the load by myself. It led to a lot of creative funks and wasted time.

The people I did surround myself with couldn’t provide me any value or insight, so I continued to blindly try to find my path.

I know I preach this often, but finding a creative community has been one of the biggest keys to my creative transformation. I wouldn’t have become the “side hustle pizza podcast guy” if I continued to pretend that I could figure it out on my own. 

Going to conferences is what opened my eyes to the power of relationships. They gave me a glimpse of my future potential and allowed me to attach myself to people who were doing what I strived to accomplish.

Community is everything, and today’s guest is someone who’s building community and providing transformative experiences for creatives like you and me day-in and day-out.

Today, I share the story of my buddy Josh Horton, and no, not the professional juggler.

This Josh is the mastermind behind the conference, events, and workshops hosted by Creative Works, rooted in Memphis, TN.

Josh and the Creative Works team bring in some of the biggest names in the world to help inspire, connect, and empower our creative community. 

He’s assembled an Avengers: End Game-like cast of juggernaut speakers and workshop leaders like Lisa Congdon, Lincoln Design Co., Adé Hogue, and Ty Mattson (to name a few).

Plus, you know by now that your boy is doing a Live Podcast, and I’m bringing on the stage some past friends of the podcast. I’m talking about Maggie Enterrios of Little Patterns and Rogie King of Superteamdeluxe and Dribbble. It’s going to be an entertaining and value-packed session I can assure you that.

This is close to selling out, so snag your conference ticket and workshop tickets over at Conference.CreativeWorks.co. 

Today however, Josh and I go deep on:

  • Realizing the value of your work
  • Finding your why and doing your thing for the right reasons
  • Not running away and embracing who you are
  • Contributing to something bigger than yourself
  • The hottest BBQ and pizza spots in Memphis plus more

If you feel like you’re isolated on an island and are seeking a community to get involved in, this episode was made for you.


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