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PP 138: Ruben Rojas on Murals, Creating for Impact, & Avoiding Mediocrity

Ruben Rojas on Murals, Creating for Impact, & Avoiding Mediocrity

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Ruben Rojas on Murals, Creating for Impact, & Avoiding Mediocrity

Our lives are like a book. It’s a story comprised of chapters strung together which reach a conclusion.

Thankfully, we’re the authors of our own story. We call the shots on how the next chapter will be written and how our story will end.

When a chapter doesn’t fit the bigger picture that you see for yourself, you have the ability to recreate and reinvent yourself to change the plot of your story.

Today’s guest was an all-star in the real estate and then the financial world. He’s experienced rock bottom and bankruptcy when the stock market crashed, which caused him to reinvent himself multiple times to get to where he is today.

I’m talking about the newest homie in the Perspective Podcast family, Ruben Rojas. He’s a lifestyle artist/muralist, activist, speaker, and creative jock (it’s always nice to find more of these rare hybrids) who’s making plays in sunny California.

Ruben’s mission is to create global change and to empower communities through the lens of love. He does this through his Non-Profit Beautify Earth which strives to be The Cure for Sad Walls.

In today’s episode, Ruben dishes out wisdom nuggets on:

  • Reinventing yourself and creating for a bigger purpose
  • Investing time in yourself, your craft, and business
  • Not living in the in-between worlds of mediocrity
  • Showing up as your true self online and offline
  • His tips, tricks, and process for paint murals, and more

If you’re stuck in life and need some inspiration for writing your next chapter, then this episode with Ruben will no doubt empower you.


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