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PP 134: Pretty Useful Co. on Selling Your Own Merch & Protecting Your Time

Perspective Podcast Episode 134 Artwork by Allie & Claire of Pretty Useful Co. | Scotty Russell Perspective-Collective

Side Hustler's War Chest Illustration & Lettering


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Pretty Useful Co. on Taking Action & Protecting Your Time

I’ve learned that people trying to work a side hustle struggle with two things: getting started and valuing their time.

Getting started can be paralyzing. If you don’t have a plan, strategy, or ability to show up regardless of what people will think, it’s  practically impossible to take action.

When you don’t value your time, it’s hard to know when to say no, when to charge more, or when to create boundaries.

I personally believe you won’t succeed in transforming your hobbies into a monetized side hustle or business without cultivating these two skills.

Cultivating those two skills will no doubt help you fail faster, overcome adversity, and maximize your progress.

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Allie and Clare of Pretty Useful Co. crush these two areas in their personal lives and side hustles They make clever goods for fun people that are…pretty useful (like their notorious pin keeper).

They’ve turned a passion project into a monetized side-business, and I feel their experience and knowledge will definitely help you figure out your next step in your creative grind—whether you pursue merch or not.

Today, Pretty Useful Co. and I talk about:

  • Protecting your time
  • Taking action, which leads to inspiration/motivation
  • Starting your own merch business
  • Setting boundaries for yourself
  • Corgis, Vendors, Processes, Pizza, and more


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