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PP 133: Grits on Side Hustling, Finding Your Niche, & Staying in Your Lane

Perspective Podcast Episode 133 Artwork by Reuben Levi of Grits Co. | Scotty Russell Perspective-Collective

Side Hustler's War Chest Illustration & Lettering


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Grits on Side Hustling, Finding Your Niche, & Staying in Your Lane

Have you ever had someone in passing conversation ask you, “Are ya workin’ hard or hardly workin’?”

I used to get this from some of the older folks who would come through my cash register when I worked for a Midwest Grocery Chain called Hy-Vee.

Of course, my answer was always, “Hardly workin’.”

When I think about this phrase now, I feel most people I come across are hardly workin’.  They’re the same ones complaining that nothing good is poppin’ off in their lives when, in reality, they’re coasting and seeking shortcuts.

At the end of the day, hard work pays off—and there aren’t too many people working harder than today’s guests.

I’m talking about Reuben and Toya Levi who tag team Grits. It’s more than just dope merch flexin’ Reuben’s design and handy craft: it’s a Southern Lifestyle Black Americana brand out of Houston, Texas, that has gained national attention with no signs of slowing down.

Grits started off as a passion project but has transformed into something bigger that educates, inspires, and, of course, decks us out in some of the the finest threads in the game.

Today, Reuben and Toya share:

  • The value of side hustling
  • The power of personal projects
  • Tips on finding your niche and creating loyal fans
  • Working hard and taking risks = aka No Grits, No Glory
  • As well as their Green Book Project, pizza, and more


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