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PP 130: Musketon on Passion Projects, Pushing Your Limits, & Adobe Illustrator

Episode 130 Artwork by Scotty Russell | Perspective-Collective

Side Hustler's War Chest Illustration & Lettering


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Musketon on Passion Projects, Pushing Your Limits, & Adobe Illustrator

Often, as creatives, we take things too seriously and forget why we got started doing this in the first place.

We get obsessed with social vanity metrics to fuel our worth. Our happiness is often gauged by analytics and performance.

At the end of the day, we can’t lose sight of how much fun it is doing work that lights us up. We can still keep that artistic play and curiosity at the core, but implement some strategy behind it when hitting publish.

As my friend Michael Fugoso AKA The Fugstrator says, “Think like an artist, but execute like a designer.”

Today’s guest is someone who uses passion projects to push his limits and attract new work. He treats his work like play, which leads to working with massive brands like Nike, Hypebeast, Mazda, MTV, and Coca-Cola.

I’m talking about Bert Dries, a guru when it comes to all things Vector and Adobe Illustrator.

Today, Bert and I cover topics like:

  • Getting to where he is today
  • Challenging yourself and pushing your limits
  • The importance of intention + concepts + context
  • Investing in yourself and passion projects
  • His biggest tips and plugins for Adobe Illustrator plus more

He’s also an open book and loves to share what he knows, which is why I want to hype his Skillshare class he recently came out with—his process of how to Design with Textures in Illustrator.

If you’re needing a little extra fire to push yourself and your work to the next level, then this ‘sode with Musketon was made for you.

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