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PP 013: 4 Ways to Find Time & Motivation Outside Your Day Job to Create

4 Ways to Find Time and Motivation Outside Your Day Job to Create

Your Dream is Possible When You Quit Making Excuses and Start Taking Action

How awesome would it be to have the motivation and time to pursue your creativity outside your day job?

Excuses will always be readily available.

Do you want to go to the grave knowing you never took a shot at trying?

I think I know the answer so here are 4 ways to find the motivation and time necessary to pursue your creativity outside your day.

1. Less Talking and More Action

  • Getting started in something is the hardest part of anything.
  • That’s the thing, motivation is not a source of energy—it comes from the act of doing.
  • Motivation will find you when you commit and begin your work. It steadily flows when the rubber meets the road.
  • struggling with setting up a blog and podcast

What helps me take action:

  • Setting a deadline
  • Creates urgency
  • Holds you accountable

2. Trim the Fat

  • we all have the same 24 hours in a day
  • people accomplish more because they trim the fat
  • You can never find time but you can make more time by saying no and killing your time wasters.

What are you consuming that’s taking up your precious bandwidth?

Are you:

  • Watching hours of Netflix each night?
  • Playing endless rounds of video games?
  • Scavenging YouTube for the best cat videos?
  • Socialize with friends each night?
  • Hanging with unmotivated influences?

Save the ‘not having the time excuse’ when you clearly have plenty of fat to trim in your consumption schedule.

3. Develop Routines and Rituals

Routines and rituals allow you to mindlessly act on your creative goals.

I’m a normal human just like you, yet in a week I:

  • Work a 40 hour day job
  • Hit the gym 4–5 days per week
  • Produce a weekly blog
  • Produce a weekly podcast
  • Produce a weekly drawing (October I’m doing a daily drawing!)
  • Manage to promote my content through social media
  • Respond to every message and email people send me
  • Listen to podcasts and audio books to develop my mind and business
  • Spend time with my wife and two cats


  • morning rituals
  • lunch rituals
  • after work rituals
  • before bed rituals.

These rituals have trained me to get in the zone and ditch the thinking.

4. Gut Check Yourself

It really boils down to how badly do you want it?

If you can look yourself in the mirror and say you want it badly, than you your actions need to speak louder than your words.

Objections: What if I have kids?

Check out these creatives grinding on their dreams with kids:

There are no excuses—either you want it or you don’t.

Saying you don’t have time needs to stop. If you’re sitting on the couch each night glued to a tv or out socializing, you have no room to complain.

I promise you, nobody wants to hear that shit.

What’s Your Next Move?

What I hope to accomplish:

My goal is to help people like you discover that one thing you love and I want to show you it’s possible to pursue it.

The more time you make for your dream, the closer your dream becomes a reality. Motivation will find you when you’re working.

So what’s your next move?

Are you tired of making the excuses?

No one is going to hand you your dream.

If you want to pursue your creativity outside your day job, it comes down to taking action and getting started.

Figure out the first step now and stop “putting it off until tomorrow.” We all know how that works.

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