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PP 129: You Got This – You’re Not a Worthless Turd, You’re a Priceless Pizza Gem

Perspective Podcast Episode 129 Artwork by Scotty Russell | Perspective Collective

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The Motto: You Got This

If you happen to stick around to the end of each episode, you know I sign off with “Keep showing up, keep putting in the work, and keep creating—you got this.”

This phrase originated from having internal dialogues in my head—and I promise you I’m not crazy.

It’s no secret that I’m a big believer in affirmations and positive self-talk. The inner critic in me is alive and well, and I have to do my part each day to shout over its negative and draining influence.

If you’re like me, you struggle with the comparison trap.

There’s always someone who has what you desire: a better financial situation, more followers, killer clientele, better physical appearance, etc. Operating from this mindset of lack—instead of abundance—can really fuck you up.

Comparison has robbed me of so much joy in my life and has severely damaged my confidence on multiple occasions.

“You got this” is the motto. It’s my battle cry to fight back and keep pushing forward along my creative path.

It’s the motto I need to get back up to the plate each day and keep swinging after striking out.

Ritual Fuel

Once I began tapping into my potential around the age of 24 through 26, “You got this” became my pre-game ritual before any feat that required a little bit of courage.

It’s become my fuel before or during events like:

  • rec league basketball games
  • a heavy set or an intense cardio session in the gym
  • before speeches or workshops
  • sending a proposal to a client
  • heading into a full plate of work at the day job
  • throwing the first paint down on a mural
  • when my wife went into labor and the early days of being a dad

In the beginning, it didn’t have a profound impact on me. However, when I continued to drill it in my head, my brain believed it more and more. I’m to the point, where these words not only ground me, but they empower me and give me confidence that I’ll figure it out just like I always do.

You’re Not a Worthless Turd

I drop this at the end of each episode in hopes of empowering you and lighting you up with a dose of inspiration. It’s hard to do this shit on our own; sometimes we need to know we have someone else in our corner rooting for us and coaching us to become our best selves.

That’s why I do the podcast, and that’s the person I want to be—the one in your corner when the comparison trap is getting the best of you.

I want to drill this in your head so you can use it as fuel to drown out the inner critic who’s trying to convince you that you’re a worthless turd.

You’re not a worthless turd.

You’re a priceless gem in the shape of a glorious slice of pizza, and you were meant to do incredible things.

It’s hard to discover your worth if you don’t show up and dig deep to reveal your potential gifts.

Keep digging deep, and don’t be afraid to shower yourself with positive self-talk. Who cares if people think you’re crazy?

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