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PP 124: Mye De Leon on Knowing Who Your Audience is & How to Serve Them

Perspective Podcast Episode 124 Artwork by Mye De Leon

Side Hustler's War Chest Illustration & Lettering


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Mye De Leon on Knowing Who Your Audience is & How to Serve Them

I respect those who use adversity to fuel their relentless grind.

I respect hustlers—but I’m even more captivated by those who work smarter, not harder.

I respect those who put family and serving others above all else because they understand breakthroughs, money, and opportunities will eventually come their way.

Someone who I really respect is today’s guest who falls in each of these buckets: Mye De Leon, a lettering artist, designer, and online marketing wizard.

She’s the author of Mastering Hand Lettering and professor of the FREE COURSE Styling the Alphabet, where she teaches you the ABC’s of hand lettering, so you can monetize your craft.

Today, Mye and I cover:

  • Her inspiring story and the adversity her family has overcome
  • Putting in the work and honing your craft
  • Valuing your time so you know when to say yes
  • Online digital marketing
  • Pizza, pens, process, and more!

This episode is sure to get you fired up to start taking yourself, your craft, and your side hustle more seriously.

Illustration Lettering Mye De Leon Drawing for Perspective Podcast

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