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PP 123: Jon Contino on The Secret to Producing Good Work is Being Yourself

Perspective Podcast Episode 123 Jon Contino Artwork Design by Scotty Russell | Perspective-Collective

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Jon Contino on How to Produce Good Work by Being Yourself

When you’re on your creative grind, it’s important to get your hands dirty, make mistakes, and get lost in your work. This helps you develop your style, find your voice, and carve your niche. That, in turn, attracts commissions and people to your artistic mission and vision.

Jon Contino is someone who’s been doing cool shit before it was cool and unapologetically pours themselves into their work.

Jon’s a designer, letterer, illustrator, and branding sorcerer hailing from New York who conjures up dope work for massive brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and AT&T through his Contino Studio Agency.

Today, Jon and I peel back the layers of:

  • What branding is and isn’t
  • His illustration process and humbling backstory
  • Creating good work that’s true to yourself
  • Being a design sponge outside of the internet
  • Turning flaws into strengths and more

If you need a boost to go the extra mile in showing your true self in your work, then this episode was made for you.

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