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PP 122: Joshua Noom on Making Your Work Speak for Itself on Your Own Terms

Illustration and Lettering Type Artwork by Joshua Noom for the Perspective Podcast

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Making Your Work Speak for Itself on Your Own Terms

Everyone’s paths are different.

Sometimes you have to do things your own way and go against the grain.

It doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect—it just has to work for you.

Today’s guest has been blazing his own trail for quite some time by landing killer gigs working with Lollapalooza, Bones Coffee Co, Dickies, and a ton of your favorite bands.

I’m talking about Joshua Noom—illustrator, designer, and creative dad—who’s slanging dope work out of Florida.

Today, Josh and I go deep into:

  • Making your own way in life instead of following the herd
  • Working hard so your work speaks for itself
  • Taking initiative and doing outreach to get work
  • Using comparison as fuel for growth
  • Fonts, Process, and Pizza

This episode is going to give you permission to do things your own way and embrace your story and unique style.

Episode 122 Illustration by Scotty Russell | Perspective-Collective

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