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PP 119: Tom Ross Design Cuts CEO on Growing a Tribe & Boosting Engagement

119 Tom Ross Illustration & Lettering Ink Drawing by Perspective-Collective


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Tom Ross Design Cuts CEO on Growing a Tribe & Boosting Engagement

I thrive when I’m able to engage with other creatives, and I pride myself in building my brand and reputation around serving others.

I really vibe to others who approach life and their business in the same way—which is why today’s guest is hella special and a perfect fit for what I want to share with you.

Today we have on Tom Ross, CEO of Design Cuts, Co-Host of the Honest Designers Podcast, and the zero bullshit content creator machine with his personal brand The Honest Entrepreneur Show.

He’s an expert in the online marketing space when it comes to email list growth, website strategy, brand messaging, as well as an expert in growing an audience and boosting engagement. I’ve mentioned he’s been consulting me with a lot of these, too, as I elevate my brand and business in 2019.

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Get your note-taking utensils armed and ready because Tom’s gonna school you in:

  • Removing the sleaziness from marketing yourself
  • Growing a loyal tribe by listening and serving
  • Being authentic and treating people like their more than numbers
  • Holistic tips and clutch hacks for boosting engagement

This episode will no doubt position you to take your brand and side hustle to the next level now and into the future.

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