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PP 117: James Victore on Dangerous Ideas & Making a Living as a Bold Creative

Mountain Lettering & Illustration Artwork for James Victore's Perspective Podcast Episode by Perspective-Collective

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Dangerous Ideas & Living Boldly with James Victore

Today, we have on a special guest who epitomizes everything I stand for: serving and empowering creatives while putting my unique work and message into the world.

I’m talking about James Victore who’s been kicking ass and taking names from his pocket of the planet in Texas.

He’s won an Emmy, been featured in the Museum of Modern Art multiple times, and has received a ton of accolades as an artist and designer. However, his biggest impact, in my opinion, is his role teaching us to live a bold life as creatives.

He’s got a killer podcast called Dangerous Ideas on Patreon and Youtube that’s sure to light a fire under your ass.

He’s also one of the Keynotes at CROP Conference coming up on April 18-19 in Baton Rouge, so snag your tickets ASAP and use promo code PIZZA at checkout to have a chance to win a free Pop-Up Crop ticket.

Buckle in as James as I charge head first into rough-terrain topics like:

  • Having dangerous ideas to avoid being oatmeal
  • Using Pain, Failure, & Adversity as your teachers
  • Getting uncomfortable and not living on default mode
  • How your quality of life is based on attitude and perspective
  • How creating for yourself can have meaning to others

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