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PP 112: How to Keep Your Head Up and Handle Life & Freelancing with Adé Hogue

Script Calligraphy Handlettering Illustration by Adé Hogue for the Perspective Podcast

Running Your Own Marathon

Social media has trained us to compare our lives to others and try to “catch up” with others. In reality, we’re running our own race.

The race we’re all running isn’t a sprint—it’s a lifelong marathon. I realize more and more that we all start at different times, run at our own pace, and are running toward different finish lines.

The path we’re on is our own. The highlights and successes come from the hard work we put in. The adversity we overcome propels us forward and allows us to grow.

In this race, you’ll be presented with opportunities, obstacles, and risk; they all require you to act in the moment, but that’s life, right? As Tupac said, “Keep your head up and handle it.”

Illustration Lettering Nike Chicago Flash Sheet Drawing for Perspective Podcast

Keeping Your Head Up and Handling it with Adé Hogue

Queue today’s guest: Chicago-based art director, designer & letterer, Adé Hogue.

Adé’s worked with brands like Under Armour, Nike, Mercedes-Benz, and The Obama Foundation (to name a few) in his short tenure of full-time freelancing. He’s a wizard when it comes to experimenting with different mediums like flowers, utilizing natural light in his photography, and utilizing his style and voice to make an impact.

Today, Adé and I talk about:

  • Transitioning into full-time freelance and the lows that come with the highs
  • Highlighting black lettering artists
  • Acting in the moment instead of living with regret
  • Bouncing back from adversity and finding the silver lining
  • Side projects, pizza, and running (because they’re all related, right?)

Whether you’re a runner or not, this episode with Adé will have ideas running through your head!

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