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PP 111: How to Pay Your Dues to Get Paid with BenRealVsWorld of BWNC

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Crop Conference 2019 Baton Rouge, LA

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It All Starts on the Inside

Why do we wait for others’ permission?

Why do we wait for others to believe in us before we believe in ourselves?

I wish I could tell my past self, who was looking for the affirmation and acceptance of others, that it all starts on the inside.

When you realize you have potential and you want it badly enough, you already have some of the main ingredients to start baking your dream.

This is where it all lands on you.

You can’t sit around waiting for someone to give you the green light to make things happen. You have to roll with your gut and act on your intuition.

How to Pay Your Dues to Get Paid with BenRealVsWorld of BWNC

Queue today’s guest—he’s a director and content creator for some of the biggest entertainers and brands in the world like Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, and EA Sports.

Most recently, he finished up a global tour as lead videographer for The Carters…you heard correctly, I’m talking about the Jay-Z and Beyonce.

I’m talking about my local Cedar Falls, Iowa, brother Ben Hagarty, aka Benrealvsworld, who is also the leader of his own tribe, the Black With No Cream community and his twice-a-week podcast.

It’s easy to pick your jaw off the floor when you see the work he does and the clients he has. However, I’ve been in the backseat watching this dude put in non-stop work creating content since the beginning of YouTube. In my opinion, nobody works harder and nobody believes in themselves and their cause more than Ben does.

In today’s episode, Ben and I talk about:

  • Chasing down and living his dream in LA
  • Organically growing a Facebook Community to over 4k loyal creators
  • Creating content on tour for global superstars
  • Paying your dues to gain leverage and credibility
  • Most importantly, we’re putting Casey’s General Store Pizza on the map again

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