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PP 105: How to Grind Outside the Day Job & Fight Comparison with Nick Slater

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Leveling the Playing Field & Proving Your Humanity

If you’re a creative like me, you deal with imposter syndrome, burnout, finding time to make personal work, and trying to make something meaningful.

Some people refuse to admit these “flaws” publicly, as they feel it would tarnish their potential professional perception. In my eyes, showing the world that you’re human attracts more people to you—no matter if you’re a wide-eyed rookie or a polished vet in the game.

No one has it all figured out, no matter how hard someone tries to convince you otherwise.

We appreciate knowing that the people we admire struggle with the same things we do—at least I do. It levels the playing field and empowers us to take it up a notch because if they can do it, we can too.

Hand Lettering & Illustration Flash Sheet Nick Slater Perspective Podcast Art

Battling Comparison, Fighting Burnout, and Crushing Your Grind with Nick Slater

Queue today’s guest, Nick Slater, illustrator and design Goliath slanging jaw-dropping work out of the Bay Area. He’s worked with big brands like Lyft, Slack, Twitter, Asana, Zendesk, Airstream, Epicurrence, and The Washington Post.

His creativity, diverse skillset, and frequent output certainly may persuade you he’s a robot. However, with how open he is about the struggles we all deal with, reminds you he’s definitely human just like the rest of us.

That’s what I love most about Nick—he’s got big-time work, but doesn’t have a big head.

In today’s episode, Nick Slater and I go into the nitty gritty about:

  • Getting caught in the comparison trap even after you’ve “made it”
  • Making time to grind outside a day job
  • Fighting burnout by finding new outlets
  • Looking inside to create impactful work outside
  • What his last slice of pizza would be if he was on death row

This one is going to give you all the feels and set a fire under your ass to push to the next level as we finish this week and year strong.

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