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PP 102: Tips for Building an Audience & Passive Income with Stefan Kunz

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Getting Your Hands Dirty

We live in a time where people expect things to be handed to them. Instead of finding a solution, they want the solution to find them so they don’t have to get their hands dirty.

When, in reality, the ones shaking things up and making things happen for themselves are the DO’ers.

DO’ers take initiative and seek out the best way to solve their problems.

DO’ers use adversity and failure as a springboard to find what works.

DO’ers don’t complain—they put their heads down and silently grind behind the scenes.

DO’ers DO, and they put themselves in a position for opportunities to come their way.

Queue today’s guest, Stefan Kunz, who’s built a creative empire with lettering and digital products. At such a young age, you’d think his amassing of an Instagram audience of over 300K+ loyal followers happened overnight, but I can assure you it didn’t.

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If you would have told me that I‘d be flying around the world lettering in Iraq one week and Berlin the next, inspiring people to create and being photographed by @rankinarchive … I would have said that you’re crazy. But crazy is only when you decide to give up on a dream or not dare to dream at all. It‘s true, I didn’t believe it could be possible but here I get to be. It’s incredible and an honor to be able to do this. Nevertheless, don’t believe the lie that only when you reach your goals that you‘ll be fulfilled. Money, fame and success will never fulfill you or fill this void we all have. I am excited&honored about all the opportunities I get, sad for the ones i don’t and to be honest i can even get jealous about the ones other get. But I try to remind myself of how good God has been with me, always. And how much more He has instore for me. I don’t need to strive for what I want but trust Him. So what have I learned? 1. dream big 2. learn to be grateful&content 3. trust God’s plan (its so much better) Photo by @rankinarchive For @bombaysapphirede Canvas Bar #stircreativity

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Solving & Serving with Stefan Kunz

Stefan is a DO’er. Stefan puts in so much work behind the scenes developing his craft, solving problems, and attracting and manifesting massive opportunities.

Most importantly, he’s a giver. When he solves a problem, he packages up what he learns and shares it with the hungry creatives in his audience. He shares in the form of courses, tutorials, workshops, and his successful products like his grid builder, procreate brushes, and composition grids.

On today’s episode, Stefan and I pull back the curtain on:

  • Growing an audience by listening and serving
  • Solving problems creatively for yourself and others
  • Pushing your limitations and aiming at big targets
  • Building a passive income with digital products
  • And most importantly, his favorite pizza…

I have no doubt this one is going give you the spark you need to elevate your work and to close out 2018 with a bang.

Let me know what you think! Take a screenshot of the podcast episode you’re listening to and tag me on IG @perspectivepodcast or on Twitter, and let’s connect.

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Lets be honest, if it’s not today, tomorrow becomes never. Lack of talent, time and tools might be our excuse but there is no better time than now! And my best advice is don’t do it alone. I‘m so pumped to have teamed up with @ianbarnard to create this amazing GRID BUILDER pack with 35 amazing brushes for procreate/illustrator/photoshop, tested by 100 amazing legends and good friends like @jamesllewis @markvanleeuwn @novia_jonatan @superniceletters to name only a few. And this week has been a highlight, seeing all of you creating amazing artworks and help us bring the best product. WE COULDNT HAVE DONE IT ALONE. This was only possible to an amazing community of legends. so finally: FRIDAY 1st JUNE at 10am EST (7pm PST) will be the official release date! You can already go read the reviews!! Again, THANK YOU ALL for your investment, feedback, sharing about the grid builder. #thegridslife PS: create something today 😉

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